Saturday, 10 January 2015


One Friday night when I had a hundred better things to do, I decided that it was time to create a new blog. Four hours and one small temper tantrum later and here I am, posting on it for the very first time. The layout isn't perfect yet - I'll get a cursive script on that title if it kills me - but it's after midnight and my wife will have a Look to give me if I don't come to bed soon. So here we begin.

My aim on this blog is to post every Friday night (or failing that, every weekend) with a short update of where "The Roadkeeper's Daughter" is at. Additionally, I'll post general writing-related happenings, inspiration, photographic plot bunnies, drabbles and other bits and pieces...basically, what it says on the tin.

So, as of now:
  • I am just finishing an editing phase, moving into a fresh-write phase.
  • "The Roadkeeper's Daughter" has 49,458 words.
  • Chapters 1-4 are perfect.
  • Chapters 5-12 need either partial or complete rewrites after having been charged through at an astonishing pace during NaNoWriMo.
  • Chapters 13 onwards need writing, although some of them were already written, salvageably so, in the first draft.
  • My Writing Chair is still perfection:
Complete with a cat called Ophelia.

Time to go to bed now, but whether you're a real-life friend, a NaNoWriMo writing buddy, or just passing by, I hope you'll drop by and say hello from time to time.

CSF xx

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