Monday, 14 September 2015

Fourth, twelfth, who's counting?

So as the plot has drifted into place it's become clear that my NaNo will actually be called The Twelfth Princess Dances. Different princess, same general premise! I have the preface written in my head, but I'm not committing a single letter of it to print until November 1st, because that's the rules.

"A fairy-tale is told now, of an underground ballroom, a valiant soldier, and twelve dancing princesses. All tales grow with the telling, but this one grew from a seed of truth. I should know, I was there."
 Once the frightened youngest princess of the fairy-tale, Una of Alarta has a reputation to uphold. However, her body tires easily and her bones are weak, and the rumours are spreading... is the king's last daughter unfit for a prince? Outcast and lonely, Una finds her way back into the underground caves, where she uncovers a secret race whose very existence threatens the stability of the North Kingdoms. Will Una and the mysterious elf-girl Mellis unite their peoples before the Conqueror of the North falls upon them both?

I have so much plotting to do before this is ready to go! But I did spend several procrastinatory minutes making up a dodgy mock cover to go on the NaNoWriMo website.

I bought a new laptop last week, after my 6-year-old, much-rejigged Dell started to behave in worryingly idiosyncratic ways. The new one is an Asus, a little faster and much bigger in the storage department, with all new software etc. It's taken me a while to get it set up, complete with a battle with Windows 10 over file ownership (is it a bug or a feature? Opinions are divided...), but I'm up and running now. Let the writing recommence!

My plan is to keep going on The Roadkeeper's Daughter until the last week or two of October when it's going to be time for frantic planning for The Twelfth Princess Dances.

I'm hoping to make it to a London or Hertfordshire midnight write-in on the 31st of October... watch this space!