The Lynnar Chronicles

In the Empire of the Sunset Sea, where vassal kings pay tribute to a distant emperor and sorcery has been so long outlawed that it has passed almost into legend, 21-year-old Tamsen Joris has humble dreams. Newly graduated from her beloved Libraria, she travels to the sparkling city of Mynahir to continue her research at the Royal Libraria, determined to prove her case that sorcerers existed. Instead she finds herself launched into the turbulent world of the King's Palace, where her talent for uncovering long-hidden secrets makes her a target of intrigue. As her seemingly innocent discoveries threaten to destabilise not only the Kingdom of Lynnar but the entire Empire, Tamsen must guard ever more carefully her own secret, which may yet prove to be the most dangerous of all...

"The Roadkeeper's Daughter" is the first book of the trilogy, "The Lynnar Chronicles".

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